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Partnership and Networking

Partnership and Networking Nationally, Regionally and Internationally. NEPWU consider it as a core activity, since through networking, collaborations and partnership with many organizations has also contributed to what we are today. This was through attending...

Peace Building and Reconciliation

The above family lived apart for more than three years because the man’s brothers and sisters including uncles accused the wife of infecting their sons, she was chased away without anything, tortured both physically and emotionally because she was constantly being...


Research reveals that 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, are commonly abused by their partners, yet don’t always get the attention they deserve. Facts: Each year, 2 million injuries and 1,300 deaths are caused as a result of domestic...


On behalf of it's associates, NEPWU lobbies for nutritional support from partners especially World Vision, farm inputs from the states for livelihood projects and office space for sustainability as well as land for production for the PLHIV.

Human rights and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

Besides improving associates' lives by boosting confidence, Nepwu continuously advocates for the rights of women, girls and children, uniting broken families, neighbors and the community in order to reducing stigma, Gender Based Violence, discrimination and building a...


The wellbeing of people living with HIV and particularly women and girls largely depends their empoerment both socially and economically, livelihood opportunities and suitable environment free from violence, stigma and discrimination. For this reason NEPWU Empowers...

Positive Health Dignity and Prevention

NEPWU also educates the PHLIV on Positive Health Dignity and prevention in line with our strategic object number 3 (Improve the health and social care of women, girls and children living with HIV and those affected by HIV).

Advocacy & Coordination

Advocacy: Advocacy for the rights to quality health services without discrimination has continued. Advocacy to government through the Health committee in the parliament, to the State Governments in all the states. On WAD advocacy for the government to take full...


NEPWU works with Ministry of health of the Republic of South Sudan and State line ministries towards addressing health related problems, capacity building of health staff and support the running of Primary health care centers and units by contracting and...

Emergency Response & Early Recovery Program

NEPWU has developed emergency response capacity. Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) mainly reacts to WASH, cholera outbreaks, Corona Pandemic and None Food Items (NFI) needs of population affected by conflicts and natural disasters, which has been on the increase for...

Reach Us

National Empowerment of Positive Women United (NEPWU),
South Sudan AIDS Commission Compound,
Jebel Kujur off Yei Road,
Email: info@nepwu.org/ nepwu14@gmail.com
Website: www.nepwu.org
Email: info@nepwu.org
Tell: +211 924360299/ +211 916636609

Working Hours
Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM