Research reveals that 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, are commonly abused by their partners, yet don’t always get the attention they deserve.


  • Each year, 2 million injuries and 1,300 deaths are caused as a result of domestic violence.
  • Three women are murdered every day by an intimate partner.
  • It’s common for domestic violence victims to experience a loss of productivity, decreased earning potential, and reduction in overall financial security.
  • Domestic violence is not just physical. Abuse can also be sexual, psychological, emotional, and/or financial. Digital abuse and stalking also count.
  • Domestic violence can negatively impact a woman’s mental and physical health over the long term. Her children’s mental well-being is also at risk of long-term damage.

Inorder to addres this issue, in 2018 NEPWU conducted 5 trainings in collaborations with Ministry of Gender Child and social well fare under WASH and GBV, to empower the community activists with basic information on GBV prevention and mitigation, PFA, women leadership and Mindful base stress reduction.