The above family lived apart for more than three years because the man’s brothers and sisters including uncles accused the wife of infecting their sons, she was chased away without anything, tortured both physically and emotionally because she was constantly being called names and being ashamed in public.
But finally we managed to solve their issues and the husband reconciled, asked for forgiveness and now living happily as a family.
Many of the cases we could not take photos because they did not consent. But more than 60 families and neighbors were reconciled and living happily.

The Women for Peace Champions discovered that in their community there are two different types of people, the ones who are well and are able to access basics of their family every day and the ones who cannot afford even one meal a day.
The two categories of people become enemies because the poor look at the other as being proud and have caused them the trouble of being poor, so they become enemies. The Women for Peace Champions therefore reconciles the two groups, living in harmony, they came up with income generating activities that not only provide for the needs of their families but also keep them busy and thinking and planning for the IGA.
“The Bible says an idle mind is the workshop of the devil”. It is true there is no time gossip or sit and watch but time for work now. With the above, the team Leader of Women for Peace Champion has been elected as one of the Community Leaders because she has brought peace in their community.