Partnership and Networking Nationally, Regionally and Internationally.
NEPWU consider it as a core activity, since through networking, collaborations and partnership with many organizations has also contributed to what we are today. This was through attending National, Regional and International forums, meetings and trainings thus building our capacities and copying best practices to improve our programs.
Trainings on Leadership, advocacy, and supported by Tear Fund and exposure visits to other regional partners was a very great opportunity for learning.
Networking with other Regional and International women’s organization helping us copy best practices and learnt a lot in regards to programs and administrative issues. NEPWU is a member of Pan African Positive Women Coalition, International Committee of Women, Stop TB Partnership, Kenyan network of Women with AIDS, WOFAK and South Sudan Network of PLHIV and NASOSS. NEPWU actively participates, in the cluster meetings and activities and shares report with the same. Networking shall continue as well as Partnerships.