Girl Child Education

  • Carry out Girls Child Education and Mass Education Awareness campaign on importance of education by conducting mass sensitization meetings with parents, community leaders, girls and boys and youth who have dropped out of school .The meetings will be held in from payams to Bomas so as to reach everyone in the community.
  • Advocate for provision of incentives to volunteer teachers for targeted Primary schools in the four counties to provide teaching service and also boost re-establishment of closed Primary schools and establishment of new schools in South Sudan
  • Hold community dialogue meetings by targeting religious leaders, fathers, uncles, brothers mothers, elders and other community members to create awareness on Girls’ Education through consultative and participatory process;
  • Provide Capacity building for community leaders-chiefs, parents, PTAs and School Management Committees on their role and responsibilities to enhance enrolment in Primary schools
  • Develop education and entertainment programme drama, songs, radio talk shows for sensitizing the community and other stakeholders
  • Develop and produce mother tongue materials (posters, stickers,T-shirts, caps, etc) developed and produced in national languages (mother tongues) to widen coverage of importance of Girl Child Education in the communities.
  • Increase advocacy, networking coordination with education stakeholders at all levels for better enhancement of enrolment of girls in schools
  • Advocate with partners for sponsorship and scholarships for girls

Pastoralist Education Program

  • Conduct mass education awareness campaign on importance of education in pastoralist communities in South Sudan.
  • Advocate with partners for construction of local dams and drilling of boreholes/water pumps. This helps in reducing the number of persons especially boys and girls who water cattle from wells among others.
  • Rule of law and peace for education
  • Stealing and cattle raiding is order of the day in the pastoralist communities which necessitate the good number of grown up boys strictly look after the cattle. The rule of law should be applied to reduce stealing and cattle raiding

Child Friendly education

Advocate for the provision of safe, friendly learning environments for children with special educational needs

  • Provide sanitary kits to Girls
  • Construction WASH facilities
  • Advocate for school-feeding programme to ensure the good nutrition status of pupils.
  • Support accelerated learning programmes for girls dropped out of school due to pregnancy or early marriage
  • Support and strengthen Early Childhood Development as to ensure both girls and boys have equal starting point in education
  • Strengthen the reporting of gender-based violence against girls in the school and even at home
  • Dissemination of existing policies to all education partners including parents, teachers
  • Training and dissemination of code of conduct for teachers
  • Advocate with partners for education package programme

Adult literacy program

  • Set up adult literacy program centres
  • Develop learning materials in National languages/mother tongues
  • Training adult literacy teachers