Welcome to NEPWU!

The National Empowerment of Positive Women United (NEPWU) is a National Non Governmental Organization, established in July 2013 by women and girls living with and affected by HIV from seven States of South Sudan.

What we do!

Our focus is centered around the following areas; Advocacy, Coordination, Partnership and Networking, Positive Health Dignity and Prevention, Empowerment, Human rights and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.


National Empowerment of Postive Women United (NEPWU)

Women and girls in South Sudan are more vulnerable to HIV than their male counterparts due to biological factors, gender imbalances, and lack of skills to negotiate safer sex, the absence of sexual and reproductive health programs and service, Sexual and gender-based violence. No strategic advocacy interventions to improve a supportive social-cultural environment and youth friendly services. NEPWU was formed to address the issues highlighted above, the core program areas include among others;
Advocacy, Coordination, Partnership and Networking
Positive Health Dignity and Prevention.
Human rights and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

Advocacy & Coordination

Advocacy for the rights to quality health services without discrimination has continued. Advocacy to government through the Health


The wellbeing of people living with HIV and particularly women and girls largely depends their empoerment both socially and …..


On behalf of it’s associates, NEPWU lobbies for nutritional support from partners especially World Vision, farm inputs from the …..


NEPWU works with Ministry of health of the Republic of South Sudan and State line ministries towards addressing health

Positive Health Dignity & Prevention

NEPWU also educates the PHLIV on Positive Health Dignity and prevention in line with our strategic object number 3 (Improve …….

Human rights & Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

Besides improving associates’ lives by boosting confidence, Nepwu continuously advocates

Child Protection

NEPWU’s gender sensitive and protection program provides support to all affected people men, women, boys and girls.

Emergency Response and Early Recovery Program

NEPWU has developed emergency response capacity. Our Team


’’ We are united as one woman, one voice for a better solution.’’


A nation and a region of healthy women living in harmony, free from violence, discrimination, living their full potential and empowered to make decisions affecting their lives.


NEPWU exists to promote the health, rights, meaningful and active participation of women and girls in South Sudan especially those living with and affected by HIV

Core Programs:
• Advocacy, Coordination,
• Positive Health Dignity and Prevention.
• Empowerment
• Human rights and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.
• Nutrition,
• Peace Building and reconciliation
• Partnership and Networking


Core Values:

  1. Accountability – to members, beneficiaries, partners and donors in an open and transparent manner;
    2. Integrity – undertaking work to the highest standards possible, and ensuring the confidentiality of personal information;
    3. Mutual respect – working with and for beneficiaries, and catering for developing cultural and religious differences;
    4. Dynamism – generating new ideas and developing the best ideas from around the world for the South Sudanese women and girls.

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